M3 upgrade means Smooth Seas for A. Raptis & Sons

Sep 28 2015

Seafood industry leaders, A. Raptis & Sons, completed a major upgrade from MOVEX 12.5 RPG to M3 V13.2, to add significant functionality and remove legacy modifications, clearing the way for smoother future upgrades.

The last 60 years has seen Raptis grow from a small family-run fish and chip shop into one of the largest privately owned seafood companies in Australia, now operating a 15-vessel fishing fleet, with automated processing both on land and at sea, and investing in sustainable practices.

After more than ten years running MOVEX V12.5, Raptis were ready for an upgrade to address some of the functionality gaps in the existing system. There were also a number of legacy RPG modifications in the old system, which could now be replaced with a combination of standard functionality, MEC interfaces and Smart Office JScripts. An M3 Business Engine with no modifications will simplify future upgrades at Raptis and allow them to take advantage of functionality in new releases.

As Robert Hambly from Raptis states, “Since removing some of our legacy modifications we have been able to

  • update business processes to be more efficient,
  • remove the need to maintain two sets of master data and
  • provide a better support structure that comes with standard functionality.”

When Raptis went live on M3 V13.2, they replaced a number of modifications in the customer order and delivery area with standard M3 functionality, removed major modifications for EFT and EDI by utilising MEC for integration, and substituted two modifications in the purchasing area with JScripts to manage extension data. Three RPG developments, for Auctioning, Crew Payments and the Weighing Stations, were retained outside of the new Java Business Engine and simply interfaced with the new system via the standard M3 API’s.

Mia Jonsson, Senior Business Consultant at ComActivity comments, “The advantages of implementing an ERP system without modifications are well known, from reduced risk of disrupting core functionality, to faster and less costly upgrades, and adherence to support agreements. The key to a modification-free environment is designing solutions that make best use of standard functionality and leverage technology that supports customisation external to the ERP system.”

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