Manufacturing for the future

A new manufacturing landscape

Manufacturers are facing intense pressure. Whether it’s the new demand-driven commercial model that stresses speed and quality of production, or the emergence of operational technologies like robotics, or disruptions like the internet of things, manufacturing will  be impacted.

Faced with the opposing forces of addressing customer demands and the cost of doing business, manufacturers need technology solutions that will help them automate, innovate, compete and grow.

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Manufacturing Products


The ComActivity team is highly experienced with the manufacturing industry. Our manufacturing solutions for the supply chain utilise purpose-built technology, that addresses changing demand and will reduce your cost and risk.

Manage Increased Product Complexity

Handle the complexity easily, and use that ability to differentiate yourself from your competitors, support unique product configurations and offer more value to your customers.

Balance Responsiveness with Productivity

It’s all about optimising products and cost to gain ultimate profitibility. You need to create a balance between supporting unique customer requirements and managing costs.

Manage Complex Supply Chains

Supply chain visibility and control is critical to meeting customer deadlines. Achieve a consolidated view of all requirements across the dynamic supply chain – in context.


How process manufacturers can prepare for the Factory of the Future

Where Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) converge. The Factory of the Future for process manufacturing is coming, and it’s being built on technology, innovation, and advanced manufacturing capabilities. But what is it, exactly? And what are the technologies you need to know about to help your process manufacturing company embrace and thrive with the change?

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