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Distribution is under intense pressure. End-consumers are imposing ever-increasing demands on the supply chain, requiring faster, cheaper shipping, and complete delivery flexibility. Your customers planning cycles are shrinking,  as they compete to meet ever-increasing consumer demands.

With ComActivity you’ll get state-of-the-art distribution software with robust ERP capabilities, and you’ll partner with a team who is fluent in distribution. ComActivity understands how to make tools work best for your business, helping your business modernise, grow and stay competitive.


Solutions built for you


Infor CloudSuite Distribution is built on the core M3 Cloud Edition ERP. It is designed specifically for the high-demand distribution industry, allowing you to compete in a competitive environment.
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Supply Chain Planning

Optimity is perfectly suited to the challenges of  distributors with complex supply chain planning needs, and will transform your decision making with a view on overall profit.
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Warehouse Management Systems

ComActivity are WMS specialists and offer high-quality WMS systems because not every business is alike. For large enterprises, or those who utilise Infor systems, there is the Infor WMS solution. For medium size businesses looking for a cloud solution there is the Infor Corax WMS.
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Distribution Products

Solutions to meet the demand

Distribution experts who understand the pressures on the entire supply chain, and know the right technology to take your business into the future.

Industry-specific software

Purpose built distribution software with rich, proven ERP functionality that will take your business into the future. With fully connected functionality in critical areas like inventory management, order processing, processing and rebates, supply chain and procurement.


Tailored for your business

Your challenges are unique, and our solutions will always meet your specific needs. We’ll work with you to build the right approach to allow you to differentiate from your competitors, improve your visibility, anticipate demand, and increase your profitability.

The distribution experts

Our team members have decades of experience building solutions for distribution companies and we know what works from deep, hands-on experience.

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Infor Cloudsuite Distribution Enterprise- Brochure

With CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise, companies can optimize every facet of their operations—from
sales, inventory and warehouse management, financials, omni-channel engagement, value-add services and more. Distributors can accelerate the pace of business with CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise by managing transactions with unparalleled visibility across the enterprise, allowing
for better and faster decision making.

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