Advanced, cloud-based warehouse management solutions which give you maximum flexibility, efficiency and automation.

Meet changing requirements

Distribution is changing rapidly. Traditionally, it was a linear push of products from manufacturer to store shelf. Now, it is a 24/7 pull from customers who expect to be able to buy anywhere and ship anywhere, with compressed order lead times. As a result, fulfillment has become increasingly dynamic.

A case of products might go from the receiving dock to a pick location, or to a value-added service, or directly to an outbound truck, or to a combination of these destinations. An advanced WMS can provide the agility that distributors need to meet changing requirements. It can help create rich potential competitive advantages by supporting new demands quickly, such as rapidly increasing SKUs, flash sales, and new value-added services. Today’s supply chain partners need an advanced WMS for the end-to-end visibility and collaboration it provides. As more variables change, faster, more efficient,and accurate service depends on the ability to optimize efficiently—and on the fly.

Choose the Cloud WMS that's right for you

When is it time to consider a full WMS?

For warehouse operations where whose warehouse requirements are exceeding the capabilities of your ERP’s warehouse module, advanced cloud-based WMS like Infor WMS or Davanti Corax give you a rich blend of warehousing and fulfillment capabilities in a unified solution.

Improved productivity and reduced cycle time

Throughout a warehouse cycle, from planning to receiving, from putaway to picking and shipping, an advanced WMS has capabilities that boost productivity and reduce cycle time, when compared to an ERP warehouse module:

  • better plans and estimates
  • optimized space
  • improved picking flow
  • travel times cut by up to 40%
Improved accuracy with more detailed control

Greater visibility and control over more details than an ERP system; as a result, warehouse teams can improve order accuracy and efficiency

  • track in greater detail
  • optimize order accuracy
  • reduced waste
  • integrated streamlined processes
Increased profits with value-added services

Value-added services such as light manufacturing, assembly, and kitting and bundling, can offer substantial new revenue streams.

However, offering these services in a warehouse quickly complicates inventory control, and you need advanced WMS functionality that can handle the challenges,and supports a wide variety of value-added services in different industries such as:

  • electronics distributors
  • fashion distributors
  • cold storage services
  • consumer package goods and food & beverage distributors
  • automotive distributors
Enhanced supply chain results through deeper visibility

Most ERP warehouse modules focus on efficiencies within an organization’s four walls, while a WMS can offer a broader view of the entire supply chain. This enhances results by providing increased visibility in many areas.

  • upstream and downstream supply chain partners
  • multi-warehouse companies
  • customer collaboration and services
  • anywhere, anytime visibility for management


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The team’s industry experience covers a range of sectors including food & beverage, retail, automotive, electronic, building supplies and pharmaceuticals.

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