Keeping people on the move

Powerful industry specific mobility tools that seamlessly integrate with Infor M3 – for warehouse staff on the floor, service people in the field, or sales people on the road.

Built only for Infor M3, MobileACTION delivers an authentic mobile app experience across any device – RF devices, mobile phones and tablets, or laptops and desktops.

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MobileACTION - Apps for Infor M3

MobileACTION is a suite of industy-specific mobile apps that extend Infor M3 delivering powerful mobility in the warehouse, on the road or in the field.

100% fit for your business

  • Rapid start with built in rich built-in content
  • Configure at will with business-specific functionality
  • Fine-tune for high-value extensions using the powerful development platform.


Extend Infor M3

  • Fully integrated with Infor M3
  • Go beyond Infor M3 functionality
  • Extra-mile field validation
  • Infor ION API enabled for seamless integration to Infor OS
Streamlined app experience
  • Any device – RF guns, mobile and laptop
  • Any platform – iOS, Android, Windows
  • Native app architecture for faster processing
Wherever your people are
  • WarehouseACTION for staff on the floor
  • SalesACTION for salespeople on the road
  • ServiceACTION for technicians in the field

Profile on: WarehouseACTION

ComActivity's mobile warehouse tool, WarehouseACTION is an easy-to-use, built-for-industry cloud-based tool, which can be deployed on any mobile platform. Fully integrated with Infor M3, WarehouseACTION gives you full cross-warehouse functionality - for Inbound, outbound or in-house.

Built-in Warehouse functionality

  • Receiving
  • Order picking
  • Order packing
  • Location replenishment
  • Stock movement
  • Stocktake

Cloud deployment

  • SaaS deployment in AWS
  • Multi-tenant
  • Multi-language
  • Android & iOS


Infor M3 Integration
  • Fully Integrated to Infor M3
Industry-specific content
  • Fashion
  • Food & Beverage
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Equipment

Infor Windows Mobile end-of-life issues: What are your options?

With Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system reaching end-of-life last year, many warehouses currently relying on Infor LWM or other windows mobile solutions are struggling to find a solution that does not require an upgrade of Infor M3.

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