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Created to help fashion brands, producers and private brand retailers go to market quicker. Infor Fashion PLM (product lifecycle management) gives you a full suite of tools that seamlessly link all aspects of a product’s lifecycle. Connecting planning, design, development and execution, Infor Fashion PLM provides a common set of accurate, live data that dramatically improves collaboration and aligned teamwork. It streamlines your business processes and speeds up innovation.

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Infor Fashion PLM

Synchronize planning and execution

Supports simultaneous planning, design, technical product development, and sourcing. Work concurrently on several collections, and respond to changes of direction at any point while retaining your momentum.

Connect Design with Data

A bi-directional Adobe Illustrator plugin, means your creative people can work with their favourite tools. Easy upload of new conceptual designs brings concepts to life through visual libraries, pre-configured templates, and mass-create and update tools. Connecting your design concepts to business goals and technical parameters means a greater accuracy and less waste.

Richer user experience

A blend of beautiful design with an easy to use interface, means easier training and faster time to value. Teams will love using drag-and-drop, mass capabilities, and a customizable home page.

Seamless integration technology

Infor Fashion PLM, is built on technology that allows it to seamlessly integrate with your existing IT for smoother implementation and rapid return on investment.


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How Product Lifecycle Management Fuels the Momentum of Fashion

With the speed and complexity of today’s fashion business, companies have no choice but to improve the ways they handle sourcing, design, merchandising, compliance issues, and operations at every phase of the business. Product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions are rapidly becoming essential tools for balancing the conflict between customer tastes and efficient, responsive operations.

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