Smart Office Link Manager Tips

Jul 23 2012

Did you know that Smart Office Links can be used for more than just opening documents? Links Manager is a great tool for customising M3 functions without any programming skills required. This useful blog entry will give you some examples.

Add a Hyperlink to a List Panel Field

Example: Linking to a courier’s online tracking system from M3

You can do this by adding a hyperlink to the list panel field in MWS423.  Firstly, create a new Link for the courier’s website in Link Manager, from MWS423, with external tracking number in the URL:

Then, create a Conditional Style on the External Tracking Number field using the newly defined link as the Hyperlink:

The hyperlink takes you right to the Courier’s online tracking page:

Convert a List Panel Email Address into Mailto Hyperlink

Example: Setting up CRS111 email addresses to automatically open an email.

Firstly create a mailto link for the email address in Link Manager from CRS111:

Then create a Conditional Style on the email address field using the newly defined link as the Hyperlink:

The email opens:


Open a Mashup from an M3 Function

Example: Selecting a customer in CRS610 and click a shortcut to open a Customer Mashup.

Firstly, create a new link for the Mashup in Link Manager, from CRS610, with the Customer Number in the parameter list:

Then create a shortcut in CRS610 using the Mashup link:

The customer mashup opens:

Add shortcuts between M3 functions

Example: Opening the Purchase Lines function for a selected item from the MWS060 Balance ID by using a right-click option.

Firstly, create an Automation Template for the called function:

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <step command="RUN" value="PPS220" />
     <step command="KEY" value="ENTER">
       <field name="WWQTTP">95</field>
    <step command="KEY" value="ENTER">
      <field name="W1OBKV">{ITNO}</field>

Then create a new Link to the Automation Template in Link Manager, from MWS060, with the Item Number in the parameter list:

Refresh MWS060 and then the new link is available from Right Click – Links:

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