Solutions for Food & Beverage manufacturers, producers and suppliers.

Specifically for Food & Beverage

Not all food and beverage companies are the same. ComActivity have proven enterprise solutions and experience across all major industry segments including Beverages, Meat and Poultry, Dairy, Bakery, Frozen, and Processed Foods.

We offer a range of food and beverage-specific tools and services for the end-to-end supply chain, including ERP, new product development and product life-cycle management, supply chain planning and warehouse management systems.

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Food and Beverage Products

Food and Beverage Experts

End-to-end solutions

Capabilities across the entire end-to-end supply chain. Get your new products to market quicker, and lower your production costs. Manage all your complex operations, financial and compliance requirements. Accelerate and manage your supply chain, and gain unprecedented control and visibility.

Food and Beverage expertise

We are Food & Beverage specialists. We have experience catering for the unique characteristics of Food & Beverage, whilst managing the vast complexity. Our solutions will help you manage shelf-life, seasonality, best use of single input, product mix, and regulatory compliance, to name just a few.

Specialised by micro-vertical

We have experience across a broad range of micro-verticals, and we offer solutions which are built for micro-vertical specialisation. Including Dairy, Beverage Meat Poultry & Fish, Bakery, Frozen and Chilled, and Processed Foods.

Food and Beverage Customers

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Achieving superior product development

Even the best innovators have notorious flops. Some companies can overcome blunders because their sheer size makes them unstoppable market forces—but for others, even a single mishandled launch can threaten company-wide failure.

Despite an inherently uphill battle, product development teams in process manufacturing can thrive with the help
of the right approach and technology—and the infrastructure to properly support them.

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How Infor helps food manufacturers manage formulas and label demands

Manage and deliver customer orders on time, all the time.

Infor Food & Beverage helps food ingredient manufacturers like you execute and control complex manufacturing processes, manage a global supply chain, develop new product formulations, and capture product data—all while meeting the highly specific needs of your food manufacturing customers.

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