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We live in a connected economy where commerce will increasingly rely on a limitless range of cloud-based technology services to deliver new capabilities rapidly, improve customer experience continuously, adapt and scale at will.

The future of commerce is a limitless ecosystem of cloud-based subscription services.

AgilyCom will connect it all.


Connect Anything to Anything

AgilyCom is Integration-as-a-Managed-Service that connects all your enterprise technology components. Providing seamless connections and data-flow between system elements, you can rapidly enable and onboard new capabilities easily.

  • Ensure accurate, seamless and fast data-flow everywhere
  • Enable and continuously iterate rich customer experiences everywhere
  • Easily focus on capability improvements where needed
  • Scale and respond where you want
  • Quickly deliver new features to market
  • Supports mobile immersion
  • Remove Silos,
  • Pay what you use – lower Capex expenses and lightning fast ROI

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The new normal in digital commerce

AgilyCom  leverages the key trend in commerce technology evolution, which is seeing the move away from monolithic, siloed, heavy applications to cloud-based  “micro service” architecture.  It’s about being able to easily enable the delivery of capabilities and data in a flexible and rapid way.

At the core of this approach is the use of AWS Lambda. This innovative service means code can be organized into functions that run only when needed, that scale automatically from a few requests per day to thousands and that require no servers.

Enabling adaptive core-light architecture – Agilycom is built to support headless architecture which wraps all business logic and functionality in a set of APIs.  These APIs are then are available for any front-end channel to hook into and deliver the customer experience you want in that channel. With simple flexibility you can build, change, and scale specific components of your platform according to need.

Rapid anything-to-anything integration – Utilising pre-built templates, Agilycom acts like smart-hooks between your systems and components, ensuring seamless and accurate flow of data across all your systems.

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