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The fashion industry is complex and highly competitive.  To stay ahead, you need to predict, move quickly and meet ever-changing consumer demand. You need to handle high order volumes, manage a wide variety of product lines (in multiple styles, colour and size), and you need to make the most effective use of complex supply chains.

The Infor M3  ERP is the core of the Infor Cloudsuite Fashion platform,  a world-leading solution for retailers that is designed specifically for the volatile fashion industry, allowing you to manage the entire fashion process – from design to delivery.

ComActivity are specialists in Infor’s end-to-end fashion solutions.


Infor M3 for Fashion Retail

With Infor Fashion you get a suite of software products designed specifically for the ever-changing demands of the fashion industry.

Design to Delivery

Comprehensive support for the entire manufacturing process, from design and sourcing through cut and sew, and ultimately through distribution to retailers, franchisers and e-commerce operations.

Production Management

Enables you to simultaneously schedule, manufacture, and report on the number of pieces produced, materials, and labor used, or plan and manage cut, make, trim (CMT), if you source and issue fabrics and trims to your suppliers.

Planning and inventory control

Global inventory visibility supports an omnichannel strategy and greater clarity for effective inventory allocation and replenishment. Automatically generate accurate buy, production, and distribution plans to ensure you meet consumer demand.

Supply chain management

Get global inventory visibility and control as you purchase, source, and move raw materials, components, and finished merchandise around the world—from fiber to finished products.

Financial management

Helps you to improve governance and compliance across your business, whether you are an international business with dozens of sites or you operate in a single country with one site.

Analytics and Business intelligence

Data cubes, powerful slicing and dicing technology, industry-specific KPIs, and drill-downs help you steer your fashion business and make better decisions.

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Fashion ERP in the Cloud

Infor M3 Cloud Edition (CE) is the core of Infor CloudSuite Fashion, a rich solution platform that blends rich fashion functionality with the benefits of the cloud, and a built-in technology framework that makes integration to external applications and channels simple.

Deployed in Infor’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, gives you confidence and security as well as the flexibility and scalability that is essential in the retail landscape.

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Infor M3 Fashion Experts

Trusted by leading retailers

ComActivity are one of the most experienced Infor M3 Fashion solution providers in the world.  Our Infor M3 business and technology consultants have many years combined experience  working with Infor M3, and for the fashion industry.

We understand what it takes to deliver solutions that work for businesses today and into the future, and pride ourselves on our long term relationships with customers, from design to implementation to post-go-live support.

In addition to our deep Infor M3, and fashion industry knowledge, we ensure that our team stays at the forefront of technology and our team members are recognised for pioneering ways to gain maximum advantage from Infor software.


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