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Built for your industry

Infor Cloudsuite is a cloud-based technology platform built around core enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. Each Cloudsuite is built with specific industries in mind, and with unparalleled user experience, will help your business take full advantage of the business benefits of the cloud.

ComActivity can help you on your cloud journey – we’ll help you design, deploy and monitor your cloud solution. Our qualified cloud team will deliver solutions that conform to the highest standards – delivering reliability, security, performance, cost optimization, and operational excellence.

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Transform your business with Infor CloudSuite solutions

Infor CloudSuite solutions are a technology platform, built around core Infor M3 ERP, which are designed for your industry so that you get what you need quickly, without extensive customizations or integrations.

The platform combines Infor’s built-for-cloud business applications with Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure which has been the market leader for cloud-based infrastructure for over 10 years. It means you benefit from automatic upgrades that continuously delivers up-to-the-minute enterprise functionality. Moving to cloud is the last upgrade you will ever do. This is underpinned by Infor OS, which delivers an enhanced enterprise experience, and seamless integration to Infor and other products.

With Infor CloudSuite, you will keep your applications current and connected, leverage powerful capabilities, and optimize critical business processes.


Keeping you ahead

Infor CloudSuite solutions mean you benefit from constant innovation. Infor’s ERP in the cloud is built to enable global business, networked analytics and a user experience which can be augmented with AI. Infor CloudSuite brings you:

  • Always-current versions of software
  • Any-time, anywhere access to access to applications
  • Scalability for peaks and troughs of usage
  • Lower TCO and capital investment
  • Integrated cloud and on-premise applications with pre-built APIs
  • Connected data across cloud and legacy software for business visibility
  • Rich analytics for improved decision making

Leading Infor CloudSuite Consultants

ComActivity, an Infor Gold Channel Partner, have worked with organisations for over 15 years to deliver long-lasting, flexible and business first solutions based on Infor technology. Our Infor M3 business and technical consultants will help you along your entire cloud journey. Skilled in all areas of Infor Cloudsuite and Amazon Web Services.

The team leverage cutting edge technical skills with deep business understanding to deliver world-first Infor CloudSuite solutions, working with closely with organizations to ensure smooth implementations and migrations to cloud, that deliver fast ROI, and exceed expectations.


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We will help you get the most from your cloud solutions.

4 ways of gaining self-sufficiency in the Multi-tenant cloud


Whether you have moved to Infor’s multi-tenant cloud or are thinking about it for the future, this is a practical guide with tips for increasing your self-sufficiency by leveraging content from Infor.

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Unlocking the potential of the Infor Multi-tenant Cloud


The Multi-tenant Cloud environment is providing untold opportunity for business. ComActivity have pioneered the unlocking of this potential of this platform with a comprehensive migration of an on-premise implementation of Infor M3 to a multi-tentant environment.

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Cloud Deployment Options

With ComActivity you can choose to deploy your ERP in the cloud. We offers the expertise, resources and infrastructure to support whatever choice is best for you.

Software as a Service (Infor Cloudsuite)

Infor has partnered with Amazon Web Services to provide fully-managed and hosted solutions in the cloud. Some of our customers choose this option for its flexibility and scalability.

Hosted ERP in the Cloud

This really just means that instead of locating your systems on premises, you move them to a secure cloud based server – we use Amazon Web Services.

Hybrid Deployment

Some businesses find that the best solution for them is a combination of on-premise and cloud deployment.

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