Seamless customer engagement across all channels

Retail solutions for the entire supply chain

When it comes to retail technology, ComActivity are specialists. Our best-in-class solutions can be used independently, or will seamlessly integrate to support sophisticated omnichannel strategies from design to delivery. We are highly experienced in the retail sector, and will partner with you to ensure your technology is the right fit for your long term goals.

We take retail so seriously, we have a dedicated part of the business – GOC Retail, with customers worldwide.


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End-to-end Retail

We offer a unique suite of best-of-breed retail products that we believe is the best end-to-end retail solution available on the market today.

Retail Management, POS & Omnichannel

Cegid’s world leading retail software (ranked #1 on RIS Leaderboard 2017) offers retail management, POS & Omnichannel functionality. Comprehensive, and functionally rich solution for seamless customer engagement. Loyalty, clienteling &CRM, inventory management, sophisticated analytics, inventory management and retail intelligence.

Retail Supply Chain

Implementing an Omnichannel strategy means you need to deliver a seamless customer engagement with full integration in your supply side software – from source and design to delivery to the customer.  We offer enterprise software with specific retail focus to support your omnichannel strategy. Full supply chain functionality, product lifecycle management, warehouse, distribution and finance.

Integrated eCommerce

To support your Omnichannel strategy, our eCommerce solutions, will fully integrate with your retail management and back-end systems. Ensuring that you can deliver a seamless experience to your customers. Loyalty, personalised shopping experience, fast deployment, fast performance, and scalable.

Retail Customers

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