Cloud-based control, connection, efficiency and innovation for your warehouse

CORAX cloud WMS  is scalable, user-friendly and web-based. The implementation time is short and integration with other systems is simple. Whether you are a logistics service provider or have a production company, CORAX stands for value-creation in many types of warehouses and many industries.

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Scalable, user-friendly and 100% web-based


  • Putaway, Storage, Dispatch
  • Consolidation
  • (Cluster) Picking
  • Print
  • Counting, Standard Reports



  • Inventory management and real-time visibility
  • Accurate stock management
  • Easy processing of sales orders
  • Monitor KPIs with clear reports
  • 100% cloud solution
  • Automatic updates
  • CORAX App
  • No IT knowledge required
  • Easy-add functionality

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Choosing between a WMS and a Warehouse module in an ERP

Businesses often have to decide between a WMS and a WMS module in an ERP. How do you decide?

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21st Century Warehouse


CORAX WMS gives optimum control over your warehouse management.This means control over quality of delivery, food safety and your data.

  • Real-time insight into the workload, processes and performance,
    always and everywhere
  • 1-version strategy with regular updates with new functionalities
  • Scalability as your business grows
  • The SaaS model guarantees a quick start and implementation
  • Traceability of the goods – all legislation can easily be met
  • Microsoft technology guarantees the security of your data


Money, resources and time are scarce. CORAX WMS recognizes the importance of the efficient use of resources and people. CORAX wms produces savings by:

  • Flexible subscriptions on the basis of users instead of annual licenses
  • Smart algorithms which optimize the entire warehouse process
  • Barcode scanning and automatic identification
  • Cloud WMS, making the management of own hardware unnecessary
  • Growing with your company


A WMS system is always a link in the total supply chain management and does not operate in a vacuum. CORAX WMS looks for the optimum connection between the different links in the supply chain, and between its users and stakeholders.

  • Interfacing with other systems through the CORAX API
  • Optimum connection with and between the people on the shop floor through our app
  • Accessibility via any device anywhere in the world
  • User-friendly interface which is easy to understand for everybody
  • 24/7 support anywhere in the world


CORAX wms innovates to keep up with transformative warehouse technology:

  • Cloud computing, a safe and accessible manner of data storage
  • Seamless connection options with other systems easy (making interfacing with MFCS possible with a clear, graphical representation)
  • Guiding users on the shop floor with a user-friendly app
  • Making management information available in a clear and simple manner where the users can compile the reports themselves (Power BI)
  • Investigating the possibilities of Virtual Reality (the HoloLens and the VR glasses of Microsoft for example

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