Our people are our core

Our people are innovative, hard working and  customer focussed. So we support with them  learning & development, wellbeing support and flexibility.

  • We have an innovation mind-set and customer focus
  • We support wellbeing, learning & development and flexibility
  • We are diverse and inclusive and everyone matters

We are always looking for people who believe in a future that is better for customers and want fulfilling careers in a diverse and friendly team. If you are interested, send us an email at people@comactivity.com.au.

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Our people

Our diverse and growing team is based around the globe Australia and New Zealand, Europe, Asia and USA.

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Your wellbeing is our wellbeing

Our business was established over 15 years ago with a central goal of being a great place to work. We trust and value our people, we enable them, and we have had flexible work arrangements ever since we launched.

Hybrid working - simple!

We are not new to hybrid working – we have been pioneers in giving our people flexibility about where they work, so we are really good at it.

Learning and development

We know that employees who are given time to learn and develop will help a business excel, so we have a significant focus on this.

Want to travel?

We truly value diversity and we encourage our people to consider sabbaticals to offices in one of our global offices.

Time to innovate and dream

We  schedule  quarterly innovation days and work to give people 20% of their time to focus on learning, innovation and dreaming about ways to do things better.

Diversity and respect

We are a global and diverse organisation and we expect all of our people to be respectful and tolerant.

We are listening

We encourage people to speak up, challenge, and ask questions. We don’t care what it’s about – we will always receive feedback in a positive way.

We write about Infor technology, ERP & Cloud news plus host the occasional Webinar.

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