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Optimity harnesses the very best in supply chain optimisation technology to deliver superior visibility, control and simplicity for your entire supply chain planning process, and put business profit first.

Supply chain planning can be incredibly complex. Optimity was built from the ground up to consider any and every constraint in a dynamic supply chain, and identify the plan that will most benefit the overall  business.

As a foundation Optimity gold channel partner, ComActivity have an unparalleled depth of experience with implementing and integrating the solution.

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Optimity - Demand Supply Balance

Optimity gives businesses a new kind of planning tool - one that finds the most profitable plan, every time. It unifies the business and drives growth and success through the power of true supply chain optimization technology.

Supply Chain Planning

Successful supply chain planning means taking care of all levels of planning in a holistic, integrated way. By being able to model your entire supply chain, including all business functions, constraints and considerations, across any time frame, your supply chain planning will become a vital lever for business profitability.

Demand Planning

By automatically retrieving and analyzing data from a vast range of inputs – history, the market, regional and functional teams –  whilst enabling effective collaboration with all your stakeholders, Optimity will deliver accurate and current consensus forecasting that is agreed to by everyone. You can dynamically monitor and manage your demand planning. You will be able to quickly identify and respond to unexpected market changes, effectively plan and analyse promotions, and differentiate forecasting across your different customer streams – and product groups and subgroups.

Business Visualisation

Optimity gives you the vital information that you need for your business – in just the way you want it. Instantly tailor your reporting in clear, easy-to-read dashboards, and easily spot alerts and exceptions that require attention.

Sales & Operations Planning

By supporting an integrated business  planning process, Optimity gives you control over the entire supply chain and make sure your integrated operations support your business strategy. Giving you the confidence to continuously innovate and improve, and focus on overall profitability.

Production Planning

With Optimity you will have a clear view of the end-to-end supply chain, and be alerted to issues before they arise, fso that you can solve challenges during the planning phase. Run what-if-simulations to gauge the feasibility of different production scenarios. You will be able to synchronise all your production plans and schedules with your sales & operations planning, meaning you can continuously track execution against the signed off plan to capture and act on deviations early.

Supply Chain Optimisation

There is only one absolutely best plan for any supply chain planning problem – but identifying this plan is easier said than done. You need the right tools in the hands of the right people. Using Optimity, supply chain optimisation technology takes planning to a new level, considering all constraints, complexity and challenges of your business, to help you identify the plan that will be most profitable for the business.

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