Plan for today's supply chain management challenges

Every industry has a range of very unique supply chain planning challenges, but nearly every enterprise is facing:

Demand volatilty

Today’s consumers have more options than ever before. The growing number of competitors and shopping alternatives makes forecasting demand a constant challenge. Combined with seasonality, special promotions, new product introductions, and disruptive innovation occurring across multiple industries—capturing accurate demand signals is more important than ever.

Supply uncertainty

Supply chain complexity is greater than ever due to a reliance on broader, wider networks as organizations must balance the utilization of both contract and owner assets. And, with an increase in tailored offerings as well as geopolitical shifts, assuring the supply needed to fulfill demand is critical.

Heightened customer expectations

The need for mass customization, personalized experiences, and perfect order fulfillment have made it difficult for companies to successfully manage product portfolios when accounting for factors such as the cost to serve and product lifecycles.

Optimity Supply Chain Planning

A Supply Chain Planning solution which transforms your supply chain, the Optimity solution is a suite of supply chain planning modules which stand alone or work seamlessly together.

Demand Forecaster

  • Automates collaborative demand planning.
  • Accurate statistical forecasting
  • Share the right information with the right people at the right time.

Supply Chain Optimizer

  • End-to-end supply chain modelling
  • Continuous optimization of the process
  • Profit-focussed logic
Inventory Optimizer
  • Pinpoint optimal inventory levels
  • Identify and respond to issues
  • Ensure the right service levels for the right product

S&OP Planner

  • Integrat all levels of the planning cycle
  • Work from one plan and one set of numbers
  • Leverage S&OP to plan for profit

ABC Analyzer

  • Categorize and prioritize customers
  • Across multiple dimensions
  • Support overal business objectives
Production Scheduler
  • Optimized production schedule
  • Works for all manufacturing approaches
  • Focus on critical resources


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Supply Chain Planning Experts

ComActivity are highly experienced end-to-end supply chain planning solutions to leading organisations across a diverse range of industries.

With expertise in best-practice supply chain planning operations, industry-specific requirements and years of implementing and intergrating the Optimity solution, ComActivity is a safe pair of hands to partner with for your supply chain planning requirements.

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