Industry functionality - built in, not bolted on

As experts in the supply chain, we know every industry has it’s unique challenges. We work with best-of-breed technology built from the ground up for your business and we bring deep understanding and experience to our focus industries.

Software that's right for you

Regardless of which industry, ComActivity solutions and services will meet your needs. Our solutions are comprehensive, best-in-class and built for industry, and our team has decades of experience across Distribution, Food & Beverage, Fashion, Manufacturing and Equipment, including:


Food & Beverage

Fashion & Retail

Partner with the right team

ComActivity's success relies on our industry-based solutions and expertise for the end-to-end supply chain. We are experienced delivering end-to-end supply chain management software including ERP solutions, Product Lifecycle Management solutions, Warehouse Management Systems, Supply Chain Planning and Retail Management solutions.

Industry-specific software

We specialise in working with technology that is specifically built for your industry. This means a more natural fit, and a speedier installation.

Industry-based experience

We focus on specific industries in which our team has decades of hands on experience. We understand your business, and we know how to get technology working for you.

Supply chain experts

Supply chain is in our DNA. We have many years partnering with supply chain businesses to drive up efficiency and effectiveness in the supply chain. We work on a philosophy of utilising the right tools and knowing how to derive maximum value for the business.

No more ERP upgrades

Learn more about Infor CloudSuite for industry solutions and how they can transform your business.

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