ERP in the Cloud

Whether you are deploying in the Infor Multitenant Cloud, or your own cloud deployment, or a hybrid on-prem/cloud installation, we can help you on your cloud journey.

With expertise and experience in both Infor CloudSuite, (which  is built on AWS infrastructure) and AWS cloud technology and architecture, ComActivity work with organizations to keep current and connected, leverage powerful functionality, and optimize critical business processes.

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Supporting your cloud journey

Cloud Deployment & Migration

When you are ready to make the move to cloud – we can help you with your deployment and migration to AWS Cloud or an Infor CloudSuite implementation. read more

Self-host Infor M3 in the AWS Cloud

If you decide you want to host your Infor M3 solution in the AWS Cloud – that is definitely an option. We have helped businesses do this, and we can guide you in this journey. read more

Infor’s AWS Multi-tenant Cloud

Infor CloudSuite solutions are built on AWS architecture, and we are fully qualified to ensure that you get the most from your Infor CloudSuite solution. read more

Cloud Management Services

We offer a full range of cloud management services no matter how you deploy your ERP. read more



We take training and education seriously

Experience is super important, but we believe you need to keep learning and keep current. We invest in development and encourage our team members to keep training and qualifying. It means we are always at the forefront.

Infor Cloud

We offer a full range of Infor cloud technology services, including implementation, migration and cloud upgrades; extensibility;  integration;  document management and Infor OS technical services. Our consultants are some of the most highly-trained cloud technicians in the world and our range of cloud certifications include (over and above our Infor functional training certifications)

  • Infor CloudSuite enablement
  • Infor OS Associate
  • Infor ION Suite Technical Consultant


Infor Cloud Services


We are experts in AWS cloud infrastructure services, which comes in handy whether you are on Infor CloudSuite, or are considering or already hosting your own AWS-based cloud solution. Our consultants have across-the-board experience and are specialists in ERP cloud implementations, with certifications that include:

  • AWS Cloud Practioner
  • AWS Solutions Architect
  • AWS Technical Professional
  • AWS Sumo Logic Pro User
  • AWS Developer Associate
  • AWS Business Professional


AWS Cloud Services

Industry specific functionality powered on the cloud

Infor CloudSuite solutions deliver industry-specific capabilities to support core business processes by combining the Infor Cloud platform built on infrastructure services from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Infor OS. With CloudSuite you always have access to the latest innovation without the need for major upgrades.

  • Stay current on the lastest versions of software
  • Provide users with access on any device anywhere
  • Scale cloud services to handle usage peaks and valleys
  • Reduce TCO and capital investment
  • Integrate cloud and on-premise applications with pre-built APIs
  • Connect data across cloud and legacy applicatoins for enterprise insights
  • Democratize analytics for better decisions

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