Infor M3/CloudSuite Support and Consulting

We specialise in Infor M3/CloudSuite support. Our support team draws on knowledge about your business and extensive experience with Infor M3.  We offer flexible support plans that can follow the sun or just business days in your region.

The best technical support comes from people who don’t need to have your business explained to them. It means speedier resolution and more reliable results. At ComActivity we offer support that will precisely suit your requirements and take a flexible approach regarding the type and structure of the plan.

  • 24/7 or 8/5 support
  • 15 minute first response time
  • 30 countries with clients running applications
  • 6000+ cases solved every year
  • 500 + years combined Infor experience
  • 75% of team with 10+ years Infor experience

Infor M3 and CloudSuite Support Services

Our support offering bridges that gap between knowledge of your business, and knowledge of the system.

Infor M3/CloudSuite Support

  • Years of Infor Applications experience
  • Specific knowledge of your Business
  • Speedy resolution of issues

Reliable, flexible plans

  • Guaranteed response times – 15 minute first response
  • Ability to step-up or step-down support level
  • Accumulate unused hours to be credited elsewhere
  • Volume discount


Support level - optimised for you
  • Number of issues logged per month
  • Ratio of Level 1/Level 2 logged issues
  • Number of users

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Consulting Services

The ComActivity team offer a range of extensive consulting Infor and other application services. Depending on your requirements we can partner you with a business analyst to help you with day-to-day in-house Infor M3 work, or a recognised global expert with over 25 years experience.

  • Infor Application business  consulting services
  • Technical consulting and development services
  • Professional services – Project management, data management
  • Support and Business Analyst services
  • Integration services
  • Cloud technology services

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Bridging the gap between business and M3

ComActivity’s flexible and proven M3 Support offering bridges the gap between business and M3. It gives you the confidence of knowing that someone who understands your business and is expert in M3 will “own” the issue and see it through to a speedy resolution.

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