Infor PLM is end-to-end software integrated with your ERP solution that helps you make better decisions about product development, design, and path to market. Optimise every step of the product lifecycle to create higher quality products, launch new products in less time at a lower cost and maximise profits.

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Infor Optiva for Food and Beverage

Bringing products to market to meet the growing demands of customers is getting increasingly complex. And just meeting demands is not enough; in order to grow revenue and successfully compete in the global marketplace, you need to be able to get products to market quicker and shrink product development cycle times, while ensuring that you’re complying with all regulations.

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How Infor PLM Fuels Fashion Momentum

With the speed and complexity of today’s fashion business, companies have no choice but to improve the ways they handle sourcing, design, merchandising, compliance issues, and operations at every phase of the business. Product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions are rapidly becoming essential tools for balancing the conflict between customer tastes and efficient, responsive operations.

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