ERP in the AWS Cloud

Supporting your cloud journey

Organizations everywhere are moving their existing systems to the cloud – it is a matter of when, not if.

We specialise in helping organisations in the supply chain transition their ERP and related systems to the cloud. Whether it is to your own AWS hosted solution, or Infor’s AWS Multi-tenant cloud, we can support your cloud journey, so that you can focus on your core business.’


AWS Cloud Services

ComActivity offers a full range of AWS cloud services. We can help you design the entire solution, deploy your cloud infrastructure and applications, or provide ongoing monitoring to ensure maximum performance.

Self-host Infor M3 in the AWS cloud

  • Solution architecture
  • Migration & Deployment
  • Management
  • Multi-zone deployment


Hosting in Infor's AWS cloud

  • Infor Multi-tenant and Single tenant
  • Migration from On-premise M3
  • Deployment of new Infor Cloudsuite
AWS Cloud Services
  • AWS Cloud administration
  • Enhanced log monitoring services
  • Mobile/Web application development
  • AWS Business Intelligence


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Why AWS cloud?


Respond to changing business conditions and manage with business growth.


Pay only for what you use – power, storage, and resources. Move expenses from capital to variable expenditure.


Easily scale up-up or down based on customer demand, freeing up the burden of accurately determining capacity from the IT department.

Operational excellence

Continually monitor and improve delivered business value whilst improving processes and procedures. Collaborate across the business, and work from a up-to-date, centralized information.

Reliability and Security

Prevent and quickly recover from unforseen events and failures to meet business and customer demand, and be confident that the security protocols are the world’s best.

Global reach

Access to cloud infrastructure on a global scale means that you businesses can quickly deploy applications around the globe with a lower latency for users.

Are you ready for the cloud?

There are lots of reasons to move to the cloud for your enterprise solutions, however it doesn’t always line up with the current needs of a business. We are experts in on-premise, hybrid and cloud-based system deployments so are happy to help you make your decision.

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