What’s new in M3 Verstion 13 – New Shipment Features

Aug 13 2014

There are a couple of handy new features for shipment handling.

  • Shipment Loading gives 100% accurate delivery notes and visibility over goods on the dock from goods loaded onto the shipment
  • Group packages on a Shipment Level is useful for when packages for multiple customers are dropped at the same location.

Shipment Loading

In the past there had been no transaction to represent loading of goods onto the waiting truck, meaning there was no visibility into what had been loaded.

The “shipment loading” feature introduces a new process to load a truck and also offers dock management.

Shipment loading is performed as the last step of the outbound process.

  • Loading can be performed on pick line, pick list, package, shipment package and delivery level.
  • Loading is performed e.g. by specifying the package you want to load and the dock/door where the truck is located which you want to load.
  • Transportation planning (shipment planning) can be carried out before loading starts, but can also be performed ad-hoc.
  • Before loading starts the shipment/truck is connected to a loading platform.
  • When loading is completed the shipment is closed and ready for issue

Group Packages on Shipment Level

Previously there was no way in M3 of grouping delivery packages needing to be dropped off at the same unloading location on a shipment.

The Group Packages feature enables usage for drop-box drop off and also to represent containers on the boat.

  • Shipment packages are created and maintained in Shipment  Package Open (DRS150).
  • To use shipment package is optional and the only  prerequisite is to use shipments.
  • A shipment package works just like a delivery package in  MWS423, for which you can pack, unpack, move, and load  onto a shipment.


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