Quality Management goes to next level in Infor M3

Jun 01 2021

Quality control is always a critical  issue for companies – especially those subject to stringent regulations. Your ERP’s quality management component needs to provide complete solution, including seamless interfacing to best-of-breed quality systems. Infor QMS is a best of breed offering and replaces the previous LI module.

Food and beverage and chemical industries are subject to particularly stringent regulations on the quality and safety of their products. Mistakes or lack of quality control can result in serious consumer health issues (especially where F&B customers are concerned).  Other industries may simply have quality control problems/issues that need to be monitored

Recalls can be damaging for the reputation of a company. As safety and control become more important, new laws have been created to cover a globalized market with different levels of safety controls.  In order to guarantee the industry’s strict standards and requirements, new methods and reliable measurement instruments are needed.

Quality Management incorporates the following concepts:

  • Inspection of raw materials and procured items
  • In line inspection during production
  • Inspection of packaging
  • Final product inspection

Infor QMS

In QMS, specifications and tests are defined/created and can be used within MO, PO and DO processing. In addition, CO processing can refer to data created from QMS test results.

In manufacturing, QMS can apply to products that are either semi-finished or finished products. Specifications may be created at manufacturing order creation, which allows for quality inspection during production and/or product receipt.

Before reporting the overall inspection result in the procurement or manufacturing flow, the QI tests and the QI requests results are reported. And if required a Certificate of Analysis or COA can then be printed.

Software needs to provide not just a complete solution within the ERP but also to be able interface to best of breed quality systems with the goal of providing all the data for the user to make better decisions and create new controls and corrective actions in a timely matter .

Best of breed improvements

The Quality Management System (QMS) in M3 can now lay claim to being a best of breed Quality system with the goal of providing all the data for the user to make better decisions, create new controls and take corrective actions. QMS is a replacement for the older Laboratory Inspection or LI module within M3, which did not have the level of functionality (or interface capabilities) that is now available in the QMS module.

Want to learn more?

For an introduction to the Infor QMS solution, take a look at this on-demand webinar, by two of our leading consultants Max Wittmann and Martin Telford. It covers pre-requisites, a demonstration of QMS, gives some sample manufacturing order and purchase order flows, types of tests, ERD’s, M3 Setup recommendations and some great Q&A’s at the end.

Click here to watch the video now

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