Get Critical Alerts on your Apple Watch

Nov 16 2016

Infor has released Apple Watch versions of it’s Ming.le and Business Intelligence apps for enterprises. This will allow people to get critical alerts and stay on top of business decisions without having a table or laptop to hand.  

Users of the Infor Ming.le app, which is built on the Infor 10x platform, will be able to use the Apple Watch app to carry out some key business tasks from their wrist, whether the user is in the field or in the factory, like accepting requests and approving business processes. This will drastically improve response times, says the company.

How does Ming.le differ from Mobile and Web

According to Emily Williams, senior product manager for Ming.le, “We’ve designed each version of Infor Ming.le according to the way users interact with each device. The web version allows users to dig in if they need to, but they can also just check their latest updates and get in and out within a minute. For mobile, we took that down to thirty seconds. And now, with the Apple Watch app, we’re only delivering super-quick headlines so that a user can simply glance down and get the full story within just a few seconds.”

See how it works – check out the video

Apple Watch Mingle

Rapidly Maturing Market

“The market for wearable technologies is rapidly maturing amongst consumers, and the actual value is far more ubiquitous, with potential to seamlessly merge business with technology,” says Duncan Angove, president of Infor.

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