Countdown Chooses Optimity

Feb 28 2013

After a comprehensive pre-study, Countdown Ltd (Woolworths’ NZ subsidiary) has announced that it will implement Optimity across all categories in the meat division of its highly successful New Zealand supermarket chain. 

As Shannon Owens, Countdown’s Optimity Project Manager, states, “To gain an edge over competitors in our industry it is fundamental to integrate price-driven retail demand with supply-side carcass balance and procurement. The challenge is to manage surplus, service levels, procurement and carcass balance to achieve the best profit outcome for the organisation. Optimity has clearly demonstrated how it can support our objectives by using Optimisation to balance the carcass while at the same time consider profitability objectives.”

Optimity, (who have a strong partnership with ComActivity Australia since launching the product in Australia), are very proud of the achievement. As Optimity’s Australian Managing Director, Christer Liden, states, “To win the confidence from a company like Woolworths is major breakthrough for us. Woolworths is known to carefully select the best solutions without compromising quality and to have passed this test makes us even more confident we have the world’s best solution for companies who need to balance demand and supply with a focus on maximum profitability.”

Mr Liden continues in outlining the benefits of Optimity “The use of leading-edge optimisation methods in conjunction with our unique optimisation model ensures the plans provided by the Optimity software will always be of the highest quality. The flexible user interface allows the planners to analyse and interact with the plan in an unrestricted way.”

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About Countdown

Countdown is New Zealand’s leading supermarket brand, serving more than 2.5 million customers every week. They are the New Zealand subsidiary of the publicaly-listed Australian company Woolworths Limited, who manage some of Australia’s most recognised brands.

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