Consolidating Work Flow at Stramit

Oct 28 2013

Stramit is one of Australia’s leading building supply providers. As part of the upgrade to Smart Office V10, we used a new way of improving the Order Entry system, using screen overlays which consolidated the flow significantly.

Here is what Stramit Project Manager, Carol Ryall, had to say:

“A key component and deliverable as part of our upgrade to LSO V10 was to streamline the existing order entry flow and reduce the time taken to enter customer orders into M3. While moving existing customers to use E-Sales and EDI is an ongoing initiative for us, some of our customer base we deal with are very comfortable with fax and phone ordering and so we see more traditional order entry being with us for a while to come.

We provided ComActivity with a design brief to reduce the standard order entry screens into a consolidated version of order entry that only had the relevant ordering fields available, which would reduce the time taken to pass through and enter the relevant data required.

Stramit works in a made-to-order business, so to cater for our multiple quantity and length requirements we moved away from standard M3 order lines to a ordering details portal which captures the customer’s specific order quantities and lengths and returns a calculated summary value back into M3 order lines.

We implemented our V10 upgrade into the business mid-August 2013, and expect that streamlining the ordering process will return a business efficiency benefit that delivers Stramit a “do more with less” outcome…”

To find out more about how ComActivity use screen “overlays” to streamline Smart Office click here

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