Our Support Team: Giving access to Infor Software expertise

Sep 23 2021

ComActivity has been providing a range of support services for Infor products for many years, and over the last 3 years the team has reached new heights. In this interview with the support team leader Lucy Krzewski shares the reasons she and her team “come to work each day”.

Lucy KzrewskiIn 2017,  Lucy Krzewski,  joined the company with a mandate to grow the  ComActivity support team and infrastructure with a goal of ensuring high-quality, knowledgeable product support in an accessible, streamlined way to customers of ComActivity with Infor M3 and Infor CloudSuite solutions and our retail sister company GOC Retail with retail technology solutions.

This journey involved establishing a team with permanently based members in the right geographic locations for our customer base – around Australia and New Zealand, US and Europe. This means that the team is able to provide accessible follow-the-sun support services.

Access to Infor software knowledge is key benefit

The cornerstone of the ComActivity’s support is the access to Infor Software knowledge. Lucy explains “When our customers engage with our support , they are not only talking to the Infor-certified front-line support team, but have seamless access to the vast Infor product  knowledge within the ComActivity team.. We have several consultants who are recognized global experts in their functional areas.”

Lucy continues “ComActivity works on a “one-team” approach in most things. We are quite a flat organisation, and our internal communication technology drives easy knowledge sharing and collaboration. When the support team identifies an issue that requires further expertise, they are quickly able to escalate the issue to an Infor functional or technical expert, whilst retaining ownership and driving resolution of the issue, and keeping the customer informed.”

Reducing the need for direct Infor Product Support

Lucy comments, “One of the benefits of engaging with our support team is that we augment the support which is usually under the software vendor umbrella (eg Infor application development, data operations and systems management). We find that up to 70% of support issues raised in this category can be resolved without the need to go to Infor Support, and in those cases that do need to be logged with Infor, we are able to act as an advocate for the customer, understanding both their systems, and Infor support, so can speed up resolution of requests”.

Proactive ownership of ComActivity’s Infor support

Lucy is clearly very proud of her tightly-knit team, who she manages remotely across time-zones.  “The reason we all come to work is to serve our customers and to continuously identify ways to improve that offering” The team utilises a range of measures to achieve this alignment from regular virtual “stand-up” meetings, to embracing internal communications infrastructure, an embedded culture of continous improvement and clear KPI’s  and metrics which all ensure the team is works harmoniously in support of ComActivity customers. She lists out the guiding principles of the team:

  • Building enablement and self-sufficiency for customers through proactive support framework
  • Focus on strong partnerships and relationships
  • One-team approach and one-point-of-contact help desk.

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