Infor Windows Mobile end-of-life issues: What are your options?

Feb 13 2021

With Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system reached end-of-life in 2019, many warehouses currently relying on Infor LWM or other windows mobile solutions are struggling to find a solution that does not require an upgrade of Infor M3.

As the world has moved to solutions built on other platforms (Android and iOS), Windows Mobile reached end-of-life last year in 2019. For Infor sites, this means that warehouses which relied on LWM or other windows-based warehouse mobility solutions are needing to find non-windows mobile options, and are discovering some major obstacles.

What are the obstacles?

  • Windows mobile is no longer supported, and Windows mobile devices availability is rapidly disappearing. Therefore any solution based on them is nearing the end of it’s days.
  • Infor LWM (which is a legacy warehouse mobility solution from Infor) does not support other platforms (eg Android or iOS), and has been replaced by Infor Factory Track
  • Infor Factory Track supports other mobile platforms, but only for Cloud Edition and Version 13.4 and later of Infor M3.

This means that if you have a version of Infor M3 of version 13.3 or earlier the options are limited.

Do you need to upgrade M3 to get a Infor-native warehouse mobile app?

ComActivity’s MobileAction for Warehouses  (aka WarehouseAction) is a mobile warehouse solution that is designed to integrate seamlessly with Infor M3, and which has been deployed for several years at leading supply organizations. We have always had a focus on cross-platform deployment, and not only does our latest version deliver state-of-the-art warehouse mobility for the current versions of Infor M3 CloudSuite, but we have built an optional connector for environments using an older version of Infor M3.

Why would I consider MobileAction 

#1. If you are on a version of Infor M3 older than 13.3, and planning an upgrade but not yet, MobileAction gives you a mobile solution that will work until you are ready to upgrade, and then dramatically simplify the warehouse component of the upgrade, with no change to warehouse operations.

#2. If you are on a version of Infor M3 and not sure what your future plans are, other than you need a mobile warehouse solution that is designed to work with Infor M3 and which will work  on your warehouse devices (Android or iOS) for the forseeable future.

#3. Whatever version of Infor M3 you are on, and you want a  modern warehouse solution that will work on any platform (all mobile and desktop devices), that is functionally rich, with built-in industry content, and will be up and running quickly.

WarehouseAction is a powerful mobility tool for warehouses that are using the Infor M3 ERP. With the connector, you aren’t forced into an ERP upgrade, but when you do, that part of the project will simplified meaning no change to warehouse operations during upgrade, and it will continue to work seamlessly with your Infor environment.

If you would like to speak to someone about WarehouseAction then get in touch here

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