ComActivity Support Offering Bridges the Gap between Business and M3

May 27 2014

ComActivity’s M3 Support service is proving to be a great hit with customers who are finding that they get tremendous value from ComActivity’s ability to achieve speedy resolution of issues by bridging the gap between specific business knowledge and the M3 system expertise.

Bridging the gap

The key to quality support is ensuring that it is effective and timely. The challenge to both of these is that frequently there is a gap between the business (who are experts on their unique business environment) and M3 support (who are experts in the M3 software). Identifying what the problem is requires good knowledge of both. Given the sheer complexity and speciality of M3 software, savvy businesses usually prefer to focus their in-house IT resources towards value-adding activities for the business.

While Infor’s support offering, Infor Xtreme has a fast and effective turn-around, when the issues has been correctly identified, the problems and lengthy delays inevitably arise in identifying what the specific problem is. Weeks can be spent trying to isolate a bug that may turn out to be a simple configuration error.

Over 400 Years of M3 Experience

With over 400 years combined experience with M3 ComActivity have literally seen it all. We deliver expert analysis of issues, being able to quickly identify whether issues are software bugs or whether they are due to some other problem, perhaps related to configuration, set up or even some kind of data corruption.

Specific Knowledge of Your Business

With any external software support, the key challenge is specific knowledge of the business. While a software vendor clearly has expert knowledge of their products, what they often don’t know is your business and how that impacts your system’s implementation. Days, weeks and months can be wasted in correctly communicating the individualities of your system to an external provider.

Ownership and Committed Response Times

ComActivity commits to a set of designated response times based on issue urgency and we take ownership of your support issues, ensuring resolution from issue identification, right through to managing Level 3 support with Infor if required. With understanding of your unique business and the M3 environment we commit to ensure that any raised issues get resolved, and in a timely manner.

Proactive Support

ComActivity strives to make your ERP better and cheaper to run as part of the support offering.  To do this we take proactive steps in monitoring key processes, as well as reporting on issue frequency and resolution times.  In addition to that ComActivity will constantly monitor to identify where skills training may be the solution to repeat support problems, and alert you as to the best way to strengthen the business in that area.

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