Trusted by leading Food & Beverage companies to simplify complex supply chain challenges – digital disruption, data overwhelm, sustainability, traceability and food security

  • Food &

  • Food Ingredients

    Manage ingredient sourcing challenges for freshness, availability, and shelf life. Streamline processes for consistency, traceability, and market competitiveness.

  • Meat, Fish & Poultry

    Leverage compliance, quality, sustainability for informed decisions. Optimise production, considering disassembly, variable attributes, and yields.

  • Dairy

    Improve dairy production by managing cold chain, seasonal supply variation, aging, and automation for quality and compliance. Streamline for maximum efficiency and traceability.

  • Fresh Produce - Fruit & Vegetables

    Ensure fresh, quality produce. Manage complex grower contracts, demand, compliance. Streamline for waste reduction, traceability, competitiveness.

  • Beverage

    Improve beverage quality, address demand shifts, compliance for profit. Streamline production sequencing and bottling for efficiency, waste reduction, competitiveness, and freshness.


  • Confectionary

    Improve manufacturing efficiency by ensuring quality, accuracy and compliance. Manage seasonal demand variability and minimise waste, bolster competitiveness, and drive profitability.

  • Baked Goods/Snacks

    Ensure quality, accuracy, compliance. Manage variable daily /seasonal demand, and ingredient supply chain.  Optimise shelf life to minimise waste, boost competitiveness and drive profitability.

Adam Lowe
Food and beverage expert

Adam Lowe

20+ years experience

“Strong track record in complex implementation projects across process manufacturing, product lifecycle management, supply chain planning and execution.”

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