We know distribution from end-to-end. For you that means a team who will help you optimise your operations, make data-based decisions, and respond quickly in a complex landscape.

  • Distribution Specialisations

  • Electrical Goods

    Ensure accurate, swift order processing and manage inventory complexity efficiently. Enhance supply chain visibility, comply with industry regulations, and handle returns effectively.

  • Food Distribution

    Manage temperature control, accurate fulfillment, real-time tracking, and regulatory compliance. Optimize inventory efficiency and minimize food waste.

  • Building Supplies

    Effectively manage inventory, ensure accurate fulfillment, and coordinate logistics. Meet compliance standards, forecast demand, and minimize material waste for streamlined operations.

  • Autoparts

    Manage complex inventory and ensure rapid, accurate order processing. Ensure compliance and handle demand variability and returns efficiently

  • General Consumables

    Efficiently manage inventory and process orders accurately for general consumables. Improve supply chain visibility, navigate regulatory compliance, and effectively handle demand fluctuations.

Jeremy Laun
Meet a Distribution Expert

Jeremy Laun

20+ years experience

Jeremy has over 20 years’ experience in M3 and has a broad range of knowledge in warehousing and distribution, procurement and finance having implemented, integrated or supported over 15 SME’s

Case Study

Distribution demands agility, integration and efficiency and Cellnet has evolved its business model over 25 years around these qualities. ComActivity’s expertise in distribution enabled Cellnet to transition seamlessly to Infor CloudSuite.

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