AgilyCom goes beyond Infor ION.

A next-level integration service that flawlessly connects systems in a complex environment. It keeps your data flowing smoothly, accurately, and in real time. All with round-the-clock management.

Why AgilyCom?

AgilyCom seamlessly connects your systems while ensuring a constant flow of always-accurate data. So you get the freedom to innovate, push boundaries and challenge the impossible.

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Integration Superhighway

Next level management of the complexity


24/7 Peace of Mind

Get back to thinking about your core business.


Business Process Understanding

Built for your business



Scalability, Speed , Security, Support and Simplicity


Customer Story

When iconic retailer Lorna Jane embarked on a complex digital transformation project to turbocharge innovation and flexibility, AgilyCom provided a foundation it could rely on today and into the future.

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AgilyCom vs Infor ION

Infor ION, which comes with Infor CloudSuite, is middleware that delivers integration between Infor and 3rd party enterprise systems. It delivers most value for simpler environments

AgilyCom is a cutting edge, rich business enablement platform that delivers freedom and simplicity to complex environments round the clock.

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When to consider AgilyCom

Complex and dynamic environments

When your environment is more dynamic and complex, with the requirement for real-time, intelligent movement of accurate data across multiple applications, AgilyCom will provide most value and work with ION as the gateway to the Infor solution.

Unshackle your enterprise integration

AgilyCom will give you more independence and control of an enterprise integration that is not shackled to your ERP system.

24/7 Monitoring and Management

As an integration service, AgilyCom delivers round-the-clock monitoring and management of your enterprise integration – to avoid critical issues that hold up commerce.

Simplify the Complexity

It doesn’t have to be so hard –
we can help you do things in a better way.

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