ComActivity delivers Top-Shelf PLM Solution to Multiple Food Process Manufacturers

May 04 2023

ComActivity has delivered the Optiva PLM solution at multiple M3 Food & Beverage sites.  Optiva, which is a market-leading Product Lifecycle Management solution from Infor, extends ComActivity’s already comprehensive range of solutions for the industry. To further enhance their expertise in the product, ComActivity have developed a close partnership with Boston’s Oak Barrel Software whose team includes some of the original designers, and who are recognised as providing world-class product knowledge for Infor Optiva implementations.

As Jason Levick, ComActivity MD, comments, “Optiva is a truly impressive product for Process Manufacturers, and because of our existing footprint in the Food and Beverage market, we have swiftly gained a reputation for a unique regional expertise in the product”. He continues, “We have worked hard to develop full end-to-end support for F&B enterprise, from supply chain planning, to ERP and warehouse execution. Our process manufacturing clients are finding that Optiva dove-tails perfectly with these other solutions”

Learn More about Infor Optiva

Infor Optiva is a product lifecycle management solution created specifically for process manufacturers to accelerate product development, optimise formulas, minimise production costs and ensure regulatory compliance. To increase business agility and minimise CAPEX, collaborative business processes can be configured to include Suppliers, 3rd Testing Laboratories, Co-packers, Contract Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers and Customers.

Oak Barrel Software will play a key role in these projects with both training and implementation support. Oak Barrel’s President, Rory Granros, is committed to supporting ComActivity customers with their Infor Optiva Implementations. Rory says, “We are really pleased to be working with such a competent crew at ComActivity – they have deep domain expertise, they are quick to learn, highly professional and we are totally committed to supporting them in any way we can to get the absolute best out of Optiva.”

Food and beverage processing is the largest manufacturing industry in Australia. There is local demand for diversity, quality and value that is driving a highly dynamic industry. Quality and safety standards in Australia are high and the industry has an international reputation for producing quality products. Manufacturers need solutions that support the competing goals of innovation, quality and value with its capability for analysing material cost, inventory, and manufacturing capacity to select the optimal formula while ensuring 100% regulatory compliance. As Jason Levick, ComActivity MD, states, “Infor Optiva allows food and beverage manufacturers to bring good quality, least-cost formulations to market faster.”

About Oak Barrel Software

Twenty-five years in the making, Oak Barrel Software, LLC is a blend of the finest minds in the Process Manufacturing Software business. The team has a proven history of delivering innovative business solutions that include the first process industry MRP, ERP and PLM (Infor PLM Optiva). Our mission is to create the next generation of refined, world-class, collaborative solutions. Currently, we are focused on Collaborative Supplier and Material Compliance and Risk Management, Collaborative Operations and Copacker Compliance and Risk Management and Customer and Retailer Technical Information Exchange. As more Customer connect to more Suppliers, we accelerate the information exchange via the Technical Information Network.

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