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Our Story

Two decades ago, as a business and technology startup, we had a mission of transforming supply chain business through technology. We had a passion for innovation, and clever technologies that made work easier and businesses more productive and profitable.
Since then, we’ve built a reputation over 20 years as the leading service provider for Infor CloudSuite solutions in the ANZ region. Our customers know that we will work side-by-side with them from concept through to completion, and beyond.


What we do

We deliver results, we reduce risk, and we simplify the complexity.

When you invest in great technology to transform your business, the biggest success factor will be the team you choose to work with. We believe that because of our lengthy experience, our deep business knowledge, our customer focus and our innovative technical skillset, we are the team you can rely on.

The ComActivity team blends a deep understanding of supply chain business practice and with cutting-edge technical expertise, and deep specialization in the Infor solutions space. We deliver innovative solutions that give companies usable and powerful IT systems that easily adjust to rapidly changing business needs, enabling them to thrive in an environment that is being constantly transformed by disruptive technology.

Our Values

At ComActivity we hold ourselves up to a set of values. We try and live by these values every day because they benefit us, and most of all, our customers.

Relentlessly pursue better ways

We challenge ourselves (and our customers) to seek the leading edge.

Build a culture we can be proud of

We want our culture to be known for its energetic, welcoming culture. We collaborate, are open and supportive. We share the problems (and forget the blame)

We grow our people’s skills and confidence

We celebrate our diversity, respect our differences and pull together to be better.

Power our customers’ success

We want our customers to do great things. We aspire to inspire them, by applying creativity and intelligence to deliver legendary outcomes.


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