The Best of Both Worlds.

With our products, you get great out-of-the-box solutions, as well as the flexibility of working with a partner who can add last-mile functionality to suit your needs.

Value-adding Products to for Infor Applications

Data Migration for M3

Smoother ERP projects with this powerful tool that migrates data reliably and quickly.

Data Wizard for M3

The Data Wizard is an Excel add-in  that streamlines data management for Infor M3 users, enabling easy and efficient bulk transactions, data migrations and integrity checks.

Mobile Action for M3

Specialised warehouse mobile app that simplifies, streamlines and mobilises work on the shop floor.

Supplier Portal for M3

A direct bridge between you and your suppliers to improve supplier management, communication and collaboration.

Simplify the Complexity

It doesn’t have to be so hard –
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