Retail is close to our hearts. We understand that your success relies on delivering exceptional, seamless experiences online and instore. And this means a seamless technology landscape where products and data move freely and give you complete flexibility and responsiveness.

  • Retail

  • Fashion and Activewear

    Sell from any channel, handle returns and offer deliveries in a myriad of complex ways, in a fast paced environment – all whilst giving a consistent and quality brand experience.

  • Footwear

    Handle additional complexities of where to keep stock across your network, higher expectations related to fit and sizing, and how you manage fulfilment and returns.

  • Cosmetics

    Attract and keep customers with engaging brand experiences and rich product information – including ingredients – across all channels. Scale and adapt quickly in a fast-moving market.

  • Multi-brand Retailers

    Differentiate products, remplenishment and customer experience between brands, whilst centralising systems and data to give organizational visibility and control.

  • Watches and Jewellery

    Gain competitive advantage in premium or high-volume businesses –with service, repair and warranties, or serialisation functionality. Project single brand identity everywhere.


  • Specialty Retail

    Deliver personalized experiences and manage intricate inventory needs across multiple channels, ensuring high customer satisfaction and seamless operational efficiency in a dynamic market.

ComActivity bring a wealth of knowledge and capability to the table and consistently prioritize our best interests, ensuring we achieve the best possible outcomes.

Peter Ratcliffe
Head of Technology R.M. Williams

Mia Jonsson
Meet a Retail Expert

Mia Jonsson

20+ years experience

Mia is a hugely talented and highly respected solution architect with rich experience across omnichannel retailing and the supply chain.

Our Retail Sister Brand

We take retail so seriously that we have an established division of the business to focus purely on retail.

The GOC Retail business delivers end-to-end retail services and solutions, and has employees and customers around the world.


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