Compare Infor M3 On-premise with M3 Multi-Tenant Cloud

Apr 09 2024
Compare Infor M3 On-premise with M3 Multi-Tenant Cloud

The time has past where businesses are considering “if” to move to cloud, it’s now all about “when”. Businesses with on-premise versions of Infor M3,  are naturally considering whether the next upgrade should be to the M3 multi-tenant cloud edition.  This article compares the two.

Infor’s M3 multi-tenant cloud edition  has been available  since 2018. Since that time, Infor has been continuously building new functionality into the service.

What type of enhancements exist in Infor M3 Cloud?

M3 Cloud Edition (aka M3 CE) currently has over 1600 more enhancements than M3 on-premise and single-tenant cloud. These enhancements include:

  • features
  • add-ons
  • integrations
  • languages
  • currencies

On-Premise M3 vs Single-tenant M3 vs  Multi-tenant M3 Cloud

We go into more detail about the differences between on-premise vs single-tenant vs multi-tenant in this article about Unlocking the Potential of the Multi-tenant cloud, but put at an extremely high level:

On-premise M3 is when you host the ERP on your own servers

Single-tenant M3 is analogous to hosting your on-premise solution on someone else’s cloud servers

Multi-tenant M3 Cloud is where Infor hosts M3 and your supporting infrastructure in a cloud with other companies, but your data is isolated and invisible to those companies.

So, when looking at the differences, the key is to compare On-premise to Multi-tenant M3 Cloud.

The key differences between M3 On-premise to M3  Multi-tenant Cloud

For a detailed side-by-side comparison, take a look at this data sheet.  And here is a high-level summary of the benefits of the M3 Multi-tenant Cloud Edition over on-premise versions:

Modern Architecture

Transfers responsibility to experts  so your IT department can focus on core business:

  • AWS cloud infrastructure for market-leading security, reliability, and resilience.
  • Built in disaster recovery
  • Focus your IT team on core business
  • Easier integration with other systems
  • Deep access to sophisticated analytics
  • Automated and tested application stack

Scalability and resilience

Reduced investment in infrastructure while coping with the peaks and troughs:

  • Automatic scaling for dynamic workloads
  • Support for highly elastic applications
  • Elastic architecture – lower cost and more efficient
  • Automatically manage failovers

Continuous innovation

The last upgrade you will ever need:

  • Automated updates with zero or near-zero downtime
  • Preview new features – toggle on or off
  • 1600 more enhancements and growing
  • Adopt innovation at your own pace – don’t rely on major upgrades
  • Extensibility tools for tailoring and future proofing

Total cost of ownership

Hardware, operational and security costs all go down:

  • Scalable cloud architecture so you don’t need to size hardware to cater for peak performance
  • Industry-leading security best practice included
  • Includes performance monitoring, optimization, patching upgrades, integrations, testing etc

Faster time to value

Take away the restrictions of hardware and software interdependencies:

  • Automated provisioning
  • Failures addressed automatically
  • Maximum uptime equals higher productivity

We help companies with all types of implementations of Infor M3. We understand that not everyone is ready right now for the move to multi-tenant cloud. If you would like to understand more about the differences between on-premise, single-tenant or multitenant cloud, and how you can approach your transition to cloud journey – we are more than happy to discuss – get in touch with us today.

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