Xbox and M3

Jun 25 2013

It’s not every day you hear Xbox and M3 in the same sentence. At ComActivity, where our development team is largely made up of super-smart Gen Y’s, anything is possible, and its amazing what they get up to in their spare time. They are always thinking outside the square, and – just for fun – a group of them came up with a way to connect Smart Office functionality to Kinect (X-Box’s motion-sensor game).

Recently, Microsoft, the makers of Kinect, released a software development kit for developing Kinect applications. Rising to the challenge, our fearless development team developed some apps that would run inside Smart Office to connect up the Motion Sensor with Smart Office functionality.

Before too long, the team had connected hand gestures to functions like Next, Previous, Page Up, Page Down and Tiling.

One of the team demonstrates "Page Down"

While the concept would need to be refined before we can see it being used in the warehouse – we do think that it shows that technical possibilities are endless, and we continue to encourage our technical guys to think outside the square.


Using Kinect to "tile" three SmartOffice windows


*With thanks to Thibaud & Co out in the online M3 community for his blog on using JScripts to Tile windows in Smart Office.


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