What’s new in V13 for Customer Order Processing?

Nov 16 2015

M3 V13 has a number of new improvements, features and additions in the Sales Management module.
The following article will discuss some of the enhancements to Order Entry and related functions, such as the Quick copy option, Promotion selection at Order Entry time, default Requested Order Time, deferral of Invoicing until full Order delivery and the configurable Order Entry header panel.

New “Quick copy” option in OIS300 and in OIS100 (NCR 4879)

Introduction of a new “Quick copy” related option in OIS300 and OIS100 allows the user to bypass two screens in the workflow, OIS016/E for copy options and OIS016/B to select order lines to copy. This improves productivity in repetitive processing by reducing the time spent on copying orders.

Users can take the advantage of this function in OIS300 / OIS100 when using standard options for copying orders and copying all order lines to the new order.

Quick copy option
Quick copy option

Specify Promotions at Order Entry time – Manual Entry – OIS101/OIS100MI (NCR 4692)

Introduction of a new input in OIS101 to enter promotion code will take away the issue of batch order entries being stopped because promotion is not specified or minimum quantities are not met.

The user will be able to enter promotion code in the OIS101 footer manually or promotion identity can be included in OIS100MI. Then, the order line is priced and discounted according to the promotion and the promotion is displayed in a new promotion identity field.

Promotion on order line entry
Promotion on order line entry

Defer invoicing until full CO delivery (NCR 5074)

This feature can be used in industries where the end customer doesn’t pay until the complete order is delivered. To cater this requirement a new setting is introduced for “Summary invoice” on the Customer Order type (OIS010/E): 4 – Fully delivered order.

The ability to defer invoicing according to full order delivery will take manual process out of keeping order invoicing on hold.

Fully delivered order setting

Default Requested Delivery Time (NCR 5066)

A new setting has been introduced in OIS014/E for requested delivery time, in conjunction with OIS010/F setting for minimum process time will set the default requested delivery date and time.

The old function allowed only a setting of fixed hours and minutes. With the V13 improvement, the “Requested Delivery time setting” is entered with time followed by a + sign ex, (01:00+), then it indicates the time to add to “now” to calculate a requested delivery time.

With this new option, entry time can be improved when taking orders for immediate dispatch.

Default requested delivery time

Configurable Order Header Panel (NCR 5073)

The bottom section of Order Header panel OIS100/I can now include some pre-defined fields to be edited together per Order Type. A new setting is available in OIS014/S to configure a maximum of 8 fields and the selection contains most commonly used fields for order entry.

Define configurable Order Header panel
Define configurable Order Header panel

Based on the fields defined, the user can enter additional details in the OIS100/I panel.

OIS010/I configured fields


These are just some of the Sales Management improvements in Version 13. For more information on the V13 features, check out the Release Notes in Xtreme.

Xtreme M3 V13 Release Notes
Xtreme M3 V13 Release Notes










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