User-defined Application Messages

Aug 11 2014

Many business processes require a way of triggering messages, emails, or alerts to people within the organization, based on events that take place in the M3 database which require further action or investigation. The standard M3 Business Engine has hundreds of predefined Application Messages in CRS424 which can trigger these events through the M3 Event Hub. Every business is unique, however, and sometimes custom requirements may not be catered for by the standard Application Messages.

One great new feature of M3 V13.2 is the ability to create user-defined application messages based on M3 database events – without any programming skills required. This is another way in which Infor are attempting to reduce the necessity for modifications to the M3 Business Engine.

New functionality allows users to define new application messages based on their specific criteria. Like the predefined messages, user-defined application messages can be consumed by ION, IPA, and the Smart Office and H5 Inbox widgets.

Configuring User-Defined Application Messages

In CRS424, Application Message, Settings, there is a new entry ‘012’-Event-based messages, which must be activated before user-defined application messages will take effect.

The new function, CMS045, allows the user to subscribe to M3 database events (Create/Update/Delete) affecting a single M3 table. The ‘Include in auto job event alerts (CMS911)’ parameter should be selected.

From the new Event Subscription in CMS045, the user can define the alert criteria via related option 13, for Event-based alerts, which opens new function, CMS047. Event-based alerts can be based on criteria from up to three table fields, which may be compared with blanks, specific values or other table fields.

CMS047 also provides the ability to construct customised alert messages. The message can contain the data from the table that being monitored as <(field name)> or, for the previous value of the field, by using <old_(field name)>. The receiver of the alert message can also be defined, either as a specific user or user field based on another M3 file.

Autojob CMS911 must be restarted from MNS051 in order for new Event-based alerts to be triggered.



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