What is IBP and How will it Help You Evolve from S&OP

Jan 19 2017

All Supply Chain business leaders want their planning to align strategy, integrate planning functions and plan for profit. Many organisations use some form of S&OP, but does it really achieve these essential outcomes? Or does it fall short in effectiveness, execution and scope.

Integrated Business Planning is a business-focused, strategic evolution of S&OP, that will bring serious benefits to the overall business – especially the bottom line. According to a study conducted by Aberdeen Research, companies with a well-implemented IBP process achieved:

– 17% improvement in profitability over the last two years
– 10% increase in gross margin over the last two years
– 7.5% increase in Return on Net Assets (RONA) over the last two years

Integrated Business Processing

This informative paper clearly describes the differences between S&OP and IBP, and gives a succinct overview of what are the success factors for successful IBP execution. A must read for any Supply Chain business leader seeking to focus on the overall profitability of the business.

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