Version 13 Tools to Avoid Modifications in M3

Aug 31 2015

There is an increasing focus on reducing the number of modifications to ERP core business logic in order to reduce of total cost of ownership and simplify the task of upgrading and updating software. Clearly, fewer mods means more standardised processing and a more robust ERP system.

With M3 Version 13, INFOR have introduced some tools to achieve customization while avoiding modifications.


Core Tools to Avoid Modifications

Event based application messages

Define your own application message in M3 and publish to a BOD which can be used to trigger an Alerts or Workflow Tasks in Ming.le. The user defined application message functionality is available from V13.2 while the ION connection via published BOD’s is in V13.3 only.

Advanced user defined API’s

Create advanced user defined List API’s using the custom list functionality in CMS010. These API’s support transaction data across related tables for additional information, inclusion of virtual fields and aggregation of data. The user-defined API is available from V13.3. MDBREADMI is still recommended for large data sets.

Customer specific tables

Store extension data in three customer specific tables have been embedded in the M3 database and can be incorporated into B panels, Mashups and Ad Hoc Reports. CUGEX1 can store extension data of various types. CUGEX2 can store numeric statistics and KPI-like information. CUGEX3 can store alphanumeric statistics and KPI-like information. API functionality is also available for these tables, via CUGEXTMI, from V13.1.

Configurable List Panels

Configure even more M3 list panels in CMS005 with 200+ new functions now available. Importantly, ‘advanced selections’ can now be based on related table fields, including the new customer table extension data. From V13.3, you can also export and import settings from CMS005 to migrate configurations between environments.

Smart Rules

Define rules for M3 Event Analytics using Smart Rules. This functionality was available before V13 but now we can use M3 Events to create data or do simple calculations that will be stored on the new customer specific tables, via autojob CMS910, and displayed using a configurable list panel or a custom list.

With these new tools for customisation, you can expose information anytime, anywhere without changing the M3 core logic, which makes Version 13 an attractive upgrade proposition for any M3 site looking to reduce their modifications.

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