Use CRS418 to clear Start Values

Feb 23 2016

On occasion, the M3 System Administrator may need to clear user start values against specific M3 functions, primarily due to corrupt data. Unfortunately, the cause is often difficult to identify but clearing start values can be a good first step in tackling dumps that affect only some users.

Before the addition of this new functionality in CRS418, the only solution that was available to clear the start values was to use SQL and delete the entry in table CSYSTR for the user and program. In M3 V13, the day-to-day management of M3 users is simplified with a standard program to address such issues when they arise.

The following steps illustrate how to clear start values for User/Program.

Step 1 

Prerequisite :  CR01 correction ID should displayed in CRS418. If not, use “Actions” & “F14” to generate the new standard correction ID.

Clear Start Values 1


Step 2

For the logged in user the parameters in the screen print applies in MMS001/P. Let’s assume that we need to clear these values for user GUNBHA0.

Clear Start Values 2

Step 3

To clear parameter values, run CRS418. And “select” CR01.

Clear Start Values 3

Step 4

Specify ‘Division’, unless the user logs in to blank division, and the program that needs parameter values cleared. Nominate the User ID in the ‘Responsible’ field. Press “Next” to confirm.

Clear Start Values 4

Step 5

Accept the warning message.

Clear Start Values 5


Step 6

Next time when the user opens the program, start parameters in  “P” panel are default ones.

Clear Start Values 6


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