4 Success Factors for Mobilizing your Workforce

Mar 11 2012

Improving technology and the resultant change in business culture means that the requirement for workforce mobility is increasing dramatically.

For the supply chain, several areas will benefit from workforce mobility. Salespeople in the field will be able to take orders and check status. Management can get instant access to the business (whether it’s sales, purchasing, or maintenance progress), while the team on the shop floor can use mobile devices as part of their warehouse solutions.

1. Integrate inhouse systems with mobile devices

Ideally you should be able to have many of your inhouse systems and applications seamlessly operating on mobile devices which range from RFF devices to the latest smartphones.

2. Use the right device for the right job

Physical factors which ensure successful workforce mobility includes having the right device for the job – use durable, long-lasting devices in physically demanding environments, while sales people in the field who use the latest consumer device will demonstrate to customers that you are a business on top of your game.

3. Make sure your network is reliable

It should go without saying, but is critical to remember – make sure you have an extremely reliable wireless network.

4. Map your business processes

In terms of system requirements, it is a key to success that you have very well mapped processes and systems. At the end of the day, if you get the technology right and the business processes right, you have significant opportunity for benefits, especially in productivity.

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