Signatures in Smart Office

Nov 04 2013

The ComActivity Tech Team Challenge
An out-of-hours undertaking by our amazing development team.

The Challenge: Imagine, and use .NET to develop a graphical enhancement to be run in Smart Office that interfaces directly to M3. Focus on creativity and technical skill – stretch the boundaries to see what can be achieved. 

Here is one team’s solution….


Capturing and Storing Signatures

This team decided to explore the potential of using a C# drawing app to add value to Smart Office by developing “signature” utility. Their solution enables someone to create a signature, which can then be stored in the system for access later as part of an authorisation procedure.

Authorisation and security protocols are an every day part of life in work processes. Our team felt their could be a real need for someone to be able to sign and record a signature within the system. For example, in a Proof of Delivery application which captured a signature on receipt of an M3 order. Or alternatively as sign-off of an order prior to being submitted by a sales rep.

What we loved:

The clever technology involved in capturing the signature on the client side, and then converting for storage in the M3 database.

Integration into Smart Office – the signature app can be opened from inside Smart Office, and display signature pictures in Smart Office.

Of all the projects in the team challenge, we think this is the one with the most immediately obvious practical applications, and can imagine it being used in conjunction with mobility solutions for sales.

Most of our teams are spread across multiple locations, but this team takes the prize for overcoming geography with two in Brisbane, one in Tasmania, and one in Peru!

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