POM – M3’s Hidden Gem

Mar 27 2013

The M3 Project Management Module (aka POM) is an extremely valuable, but little-known component of M3, which any business running a project should seriously consider taking advantage of.

Businesses embarking on projects should make smart decisions about what type of project management tool they will use. We often see customers relying on disparate systems and tools, (including the old trusty, Microsoft Excel). These tools often restrict the ability to get universal control of a project, deliver patchy visibility, and result in significant missed cost-saving and revenue-generating opportunities. We are constantly surprised how few M3 customers take advantage (or are even aware) of M3’s Project Management module, aka POM (Project Order Management). In our view, it’s a really valuable project management tool, that will unify and drive your project, and can operate as the core that ties all M3 modules of a system together. In addition its fully integrated with your M3 system – what more can you ask?

Sales or Operational Projects

Whenever you have a project-based deliverable for your clients, the POM module will deliver control and visibility into all aspects of the project (eg scheduling, billing, analysis & follow up, budgeting, forecasting etc) and will be the core that ties all the M3 modules of the system together.

CapEx Projects

For any internal projects POM will deliver control and information. Whether it’s the direct purchase of small items such as a single laptop or far more complex situation of building of a factory, POM will track and capture costs, time, budget and forecast outcomes. Once the project is closed off the assets are then able to be capitalised in to the finance fixed asset module.

Implementation Projects

The POM module is used by many businesses to manage large implementation projects.

We see M3 POM as a very under-utilized component of M3, which will enable you to set-up, manage and drive your project in a holistic and comprehensive way, with the compelling advantage of being already fully integrated with your existing systems.

To find out more about M3 POM, feel free to ask any of our on-site consultants or send us an email and we will be right back in touch.


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