Optimity goes Global!

Nov 25 2014

We are so proud of our close partner Optimity, who has this week been highlighted in prestigious American Supply Chain World Magazine article about Teknor Apex’s successful global supply chain initiatives.

Teknor Apex is a 90-year old business, who, having started in the US as a Tire and retread retail chain exanded into an international custom compounder of chemicals, and plastics, who have a diverse product portfolio (including custom formulations) serviing a wide array of markets and industries.

Their global supply chain initiatives, which included a major M3 upgrade, also required sophisticated forecasting capabilities to generate forecasting at multiple levels, which Optimity were able to provide.Read the entire article here


About Optimity

ComActivity have been a close partner with Optimity, an Australian-developed revolutionary supply chain optimization tool, since 2007. We work closely with Optimity, whose customers include Ikea components, Teknor Apex, and leading Australian and New Zealand food and beverage enterprises, to deliver solutions which dramatically enhance supply chain planning capabilities, and enable businesses to truly plan for overall profit.

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