Need extra Infor M3 Support over the Christmas/New Year period?

Oct 23 2020

Just because it’s the holidays, doesn’t mean your business stops. Our team will be providing support throughout this period and can offer a special offer to be your safety net during this time.

This time of the year can be a challenging one for businesses, with many experiencing:

  • reduced staff numbers
  • higher transaction rates
  • end-of-calendar-year and end-of-month processing

On-call support service offer for Australian and NZ Infor M3 customers

  • Wide range of support from end-user to system support
  • Unlimited support issues during time
  • One-point-of-contact personalized and proactive support team
  • Deep Infor M3 functional and technical knowledge
  • Tri-age support to deal with critical issues, and if you prefer, delay resolution of non-critical issues for your team to manage when available
  • Particularly useful for MEC and Finance functions in M3
    • resolve issues related to transactions like Purchase Orders, Sales Orders
    • resolve issues related to scheduled and auto jobs like ledger updates

Easy pricing options for 3 weeks of coverage

Option 1
Business days* + weekends + public holidays
Monday 21st December – Sunday 10th January
Price: $2050 AUD

Option 2
All business days*
Monday 21st December – Sunday 10th January
Price: $1250

*8.30am  – 5.30pm

Interested? Let us know by 30th November

To find out more about this offer:

  • speak to your ComActivity account manager
  • contact our Support Team leader Lucy Krzewski at
  • fill in your details below and we will be back in touch
Learn more about ComActivity support here.

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