More great M3 Finance Tips from Lars

Nov 14 2012

Lars Nilsson is a global expert in M3 Finance, with more than 30 years experience in finance software development. He’s worked with M3 customers and partners in over thirty countries throughout Europe, America, Asia and Australia. Today, he gives us some useful tips for M3 Finance related to:

  • Finance updates
  • Testing accounting rules
  • Including Salaries and Wages in BAS reporting

1. When your Finance Update gets stuck

Has it ever happened that a financial update of any kind has got stuck?

Before engaging someone with SQL skills to reset the flags preventing you from continuing, see if the problem can be solved by using the program CRS418, ‘Program Problem. Solve’.

This program is used to remove or re-set flags indicating that a program is blocked by an interrupted update or similar.


Just highlight the required option and choose ‘Select’.  In the following screen you may be requested to input some data about the job to update. In most cases you can use F4/Prompt to find the required data if you do not know it.

All options above may not exist, depending on version of Movex/M3. Also, if you have upgraded to a newer version, any new options may not have been generated. To make sure that all current options are available, press F14 and the list will be updated.

2. Testing Accounting Rules in CAS950.

If you have made changes to the Accounting Rules for any Cost Accounting transactions, you may want to test them on only a small sample of transactions instead of running CAS950 across all transactions.

In CAS950, press F13 Settings:


Ticking the box ‘Limit no trans’ will open up some new fields in CAS950/E

By inputting a number in the new field you can restrict the program to process only a certain number of transactions, in this case 10.

In that way you can check that any changes you have made to the Accounting Rules work as expected, and you will only have to fix a small number of transactions in CAS300 if they do not.


3. Include Salaries and Wages in your BAS Reporting 

When creating your BAS report using TXS005 and TXS100, you can include Salaries and Wages paid (as well as PAYG withheld).

The G lines and the lines 1A and 1B are created using VAT (GST)  Account types 1-4 connected in CRS630 to the various GL accounts for GST, Sales and Purchases.

For the W lines, you can connect the accounts for Salaries and Wages as well as PAYG to a user defined VAT account type, e.g. 5. That will make it possible to extract all data needed for the BAS report using TXS100.

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