Wish your Infor M3 reports were in Excel – not PDF?

Apr 02 2019


Something that will be of interest to the entire M3 community is a tool that solves the problem of getting standard printouts/reports from Movex/M3 directly to a format that is usable instead for a static PDF or paper print. ComActivity are pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with Consebo to deliver this tool.

Consebo are the makers of the M3 Excel Generator which outputs reports in Excel, and is the top-rated third party application in the M3 community globally. Unlike traditional solutions, where data is normally fetched from SQL or ODBC and advanced programming skills are needed,  the tool allows you to easily design your own layouts directly in Excel  using your M3 data quickly and efficiently.

As Jason Levick, Managing Director of ComActivity puts it “The M3 community has been crying out for something like this. We cannot imagine who would not want to use this tool – as it solves a long-standing frustration with outputs that can’t be easily manipulated. The fact that the tool is cost-effective and easily installed is a real bonus”


ComActivity have signed an exclusive regional partnership with Consebo to deliver the tool. To request a free demo contact us today. 

About Consebo

Consebo was founded in 2006, and have been helping their customers increase their productivity by providing innovative products and solutions within the areas of Output Management and document management.  The Consebo M3 Excel Generator is the top rated third-party applicaton in the M3 community globally.




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